Choose your Insert
There are two main factors to consider when selection and insert. First consider the height of your existing fireplace opening. You'll want to choose the tallest insert that will fit into your existing fireplace. Second consider how the insert will be used. Do you have a large room, do you want a lot of heat or a little, and how long do you plan to run the fireplace? These answers will direct you to the insert that ideal for you and your home.

Choose your Surround
To bring a finished and polished look to your new insert, you need a matching metal surround to cover the gap between the insert and your existing fireplace opening. Offered in three fixed, non-adjustable sizes and two color options including black and bronze you're sure to find the perfect fit for your space.

Choose your Front - Front Finish and/or Optional Refractory Upgrade
Complete your insert with a stylish front available in black or bronze.