Fuel: Wood
BTU: 82,000
Heating Area*: 3,000+ square foot
Burn Times: 8 to 12 hours
Max Log Size: 22.5"
Efficiency**: 75%
EPA Tested Emissions: 2.9 grams per hour
Weight: 480lbs
Firebox Capacity: 3.1 cubic foot
Steel Thickness of Top: 5/16" / 1/4"
Glass Viewing Area: 187 square inches
Flue Diameter: 6"

*Square-feet heating capacities are approximations only. Actual performance may vary depending upon home design and insulation, ceiling heights, climate, condition and type of fuel used, appliance location, burn rate, accessories chosen, chimney installation and how the appliance is operated.

** Efficiency varies slightly with various pipe configurations.