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Get a $300.00 Energy Tax Credit on qualifying biomass pellet or woodburning stoves!

Save energy costs and contribute to a greener Earth by heating your home with biomass fuels.

 U.S. homeowners who purchase a 75%-efficient biomass (wood or pellet) burning stove, fireplace or insert and place it into service in their home during 2011 can receive a U.S. federal tax credit of up to $300.00. Excludes gas fireplaces, stoves and inserts. Print a copy of your products tax certificate and retain for your 2011 tax records.

On February 17, 2009 President Obama signed into law, H.R. 1, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) which includes a tax credit for the purchase of a biomass (such as wood and pellet) burning stoves to help consumers fight rising home heating costs. 

Qualifying Biomass Pellet and Woodburning Stoves sold by
Inglenook Energy Center Conifer, Colorado

Gas fireplaces, gas inserts and gas stoves are not qualified for the 30% biomass tax credit.

Heatilator Products
Heatilator Qualified Products Certificate
Heatilator FAQs about the tax credit
  • Heatilator Constitution
Hearthstone Products
Hearthstone Qualified Products Certificates
Hearthstone FAQs about the tax credit
  • Equinox
  • Bennington
  • Phoenix
  • Heritage
  • Homestead
  • Tribute
  • Shelburne
  • Craftsbury
  • Clydesdale
  • Mansfield
  • Morgan
  • Bari Wood
Thelin Products
Thelin Qualified Products Certificates
  • Little Gnome Pellet
  • Parlour 3000 Pellet
  • Echo Pellet


Lennox Products
Lennox Qualified Products Certificates
  • Country Collection - Pellet
    Bella-B and Bella-BE
    Winslow PS40 & PI40
  • Elite Series - Pellet
    Montage 32FS
  • Merit Series - Pellet
  • Country Collection - Wood Stove
    Striker S160T & SA160T
    Performer SS210T & ST210S
    Legacy S260T
    Canyon ST310T
  • Country Collection - Wood Insert
    Striker C160T, C160A & CA160
    Performer C210T, C210A & CA210
    Legacy C260T
    Elite E260T
    Canyon C310T
  • Signature Collection Wood Inserts
    Brentwood SP
    Montecito MONTE
    Montecito Estate MONTEST
    Villa Vista
  • Whitfield - Pellet Stove
    Profile 20FS-2 & Profile 30FS-2
  • Whitfield - Pellet Insert
    Profile 30INS-2

Jøtul Products
Jøtul Qualified Products Certificates
  • F 100 Nordic QT
  • F 118 CB Black Bear
  • F 3 CB
  • F 400 Castine
  • F 500 Oslo
  • F 602 CB
  • C 350 Winterport
  • C 450 Kennebec
  • C 550 Rockland

Enerzone Products
Enerzone Qualified Products Certificates

  • Solution Wood Freestanding 1.6
  • Solution Wood Freestanding 1.8
  • Solution Wood Freestanding 2.3
  • Solution Wood Freestanding 2.9
  • Solution Wood Freestanding 3.4
  • Solution Wood Insert 1.8
  • Solution Wood Insert 2.0
  • Solution Wood Insert 2.3
  • Solution Wood Fireplace 2.5ZC
  • Solution Pellet Stove Eurozone
  • Solution Pellet Stove BIO-35MF
  • Solution Pellet Stove BIO-45MF
  • Solution Pellet Insert BIO-35MF

PSG Products
PSG Qualified Products Certificates

  • Caddy Alterna Pellet Furnace
  • Caddy Alterna EPA Add on Wood Furnace
  • Caddy Wood Furnace
  • Caddy Max Furnace

Quadrafie Products
Quadrafire Qualified Products Certificates
Quadrafire FAQs about the tax credit
  • Santa Fe Series (Pellet Stove, Pellet Insert)
  • Classic Bay 1200 Series (Pellet Stove, Pellet Insert)
  • Castile Series (Pellet Stove, Pellet Insert)
  • Mt. Vernon AE Series (Pellet Stove, Pellet Insert)
  • EDGE 60 Pellet Fireplace
  • 2100 Millennium Wood Stove
  • 3100 Millennium Wood Stove
  • 4300 Millennium Wood Stove
  • 3100 Step Top Wood Stove
  • 4300 Step Top Wood Stove
  • 5700 Step Top Wood Stove
  • Yosemite Wood Stove
  • Cumberland Gap Wood Stove
  • Isle Royale Wood Stove
  • 2700i Wood Insert
  • 3100i Wood Insert
  • 4100i Wood Insert
  • 5100i Wood Insert
  • 7100 Wood Fireplace

Valcourt Products
Valcourt Qualified Products Certificates

  • FP8 Saquenay Wood Fireplace
  • FP9 Versailles Wood Fireplace
  • FP10 Lafayette Wood Fireplace
The 30% tax credit (up to $1,500) is not an instant rebate or product discount. It is a tax credit provided by the IRS as part of the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, and is applicable when filing personal income taxes for the 2009 and/or 2010 tax years. Please consult with a tax advisor or the Internal Revenue Code for more information.

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