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We Have Plenty of Pellets in Stock! – Black Hills Gold Wood Pellets

“You Save, We Store”

Inglenook Energy will store your Ton (50 bags) or Long Ton (60) of pellets at our store and you can pick them up as you need them!

Your purchase will be guaranteed to ensure you have enough pellets ALL season!

Black Hills Gold wood pellets are a Premium Softwood Pellet with one of the lowest ash content ratings of any pellets. They are also know for one of the highest BTU outputs too. BTU's have tested at 8770 Ash Content tested at .33% on the most recent PFI Pellet Analysis Report from the Timber Products Inspection.

We’ve Got The Gold!

· Consistency quality of Product. Not depending on the quality of the forest or the trees.

· Quality assurance

· No bark, lumber not dragged through the dirt

· Clean burning for the highest BTU performance. Higher BTUs equals less pellets needed to heat which saves you money!

best pellets for pellet stove black hills gold



• Great Heating Performance

• Clean Burning Wood Pellets

• 100% Wood - Nothing Added

• Carbon Neutral Burning

• Average BTUs of 8770

• Low Ash – .33% Ponderosa Pine

• 60- 40 pound bags per skid (2400 lbs.)

• Produces Light, Fluffy Easy to Clean Ash

Please Call for Pricing and Delivery Details Soon!
(303) 838-3612