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3 Ideas for Using a Fireplace as a Room Divider

Room Dividing ChimneyFireplaces built to provide an eye-pleasing focal point are value-added features in any home, and it is certainly no exception when a fireplace serves as a room divider. Modern open design in homes has been responsible for many walls being torn down, and fireplaces are often added in their places as stunning dividers between rooms. Thanks to the many innovative styles available, you have numerous options for dividing a room with a fireplace; and if an EPA-approved appliance, they are efficient and environmentally friendly. The following are a few ideas for fireplace room dividers.

Double-Sided Fireplace

Double-sided fireplaces can create a beautiful effect between a dining room and den, a living room and an outdoor living space, and many other room combinations. The style of the fireplace can be chosen to fit the décor and layout of the space it’s in. Top major brands are available at Inglenook Energy, which serves the Greater Denver Metro area from Conifer, CO. The numerous brands provide superb options for double-sided fireplaces and many more heating appliances.

Custom Construction

The possibilities for using a fireplace as a room divider aren’t restricted to focusing only on the design of the appliance. You can customize the wall to fit the unique aesthetics of your home, whether it’s a half or full wall in which to place the firebox. The wall doesn’t even need to stretch from floor-to-ceiling because the width and height are among the details you can choose. The opening for the fireplace is also optional, which means it can also be narrowed, lengthened, or placed more at the height of a wall hanging instead of lower, like typical fireplaces. A general rule of thumb is that a fireplace will feel more modern, the more uncommon the placement.

Peninsula Fireplace

Room Dividing FireplaceFor a subtle, less intrusive partition, a triple-side fireplace, also known as a peninsula fireplace, may be perfect. Your gas fireplace would have three glass walls, providing a clear view of dancing flames on a realistic faux log set. There is something bright and airy and yet undeniably dramatic about a peninsula fireplace.

Fireplace Wall Dividers are Eco-friendly Heating Solutions

The best part of having a fireplace as a room divider is that you don’t sacrifice the effectiveness of the appliance. Modern EPA-approved fireplaces have been designed to meet strict standards for heating efficiency. Starting in 2020, new room heaters such as wood fireplaces will need to meet lowered emissions standards according to the New Source Performance Standards (NSPS). The last updated standard that went into effect in 2015 was a particulate emissions limit of 4.5 grams and no more. As of 2020, EPA-certified appliances will need to be 2.0 grams per hour or, if tested with crib wood, 2.5 grams each hour. Any and all wood heating appliances for sale in the U.S. must meet these NSPS emission limits.

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