Highlighting Fireplace In Living Space - Wallpapering Around Fireplace
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4 Ideas Plus Bonus Tips to Highlight a Fireplace with Wallpaper 

pelle fireplace insert install with wallpaper aroundYour home is uniquely yours, and highlighting your fireplace with a wallpaper design of your liking is a great way to set your home apart. Fireplaces usually provide architectural interest, in addition to the ambiance and charm that only a warm fire in winter can bring. If you want your fireplace to be even more of a focal point, consider the following ideas for wallpapering.

1 – Wallpaper the Room For Fireplace

Choose a wallpaper design that harmonizes with the colors and style of your furnishings so that it will look nice when you cover all parts of the wall with it, including behind wall shelves. For this approach to highlight the fireplace with wallpaper, it may be best to choose a subtle pattern. Another type of paper that would work is one that adds texture more than anything but has no additional patterns or images. You can count on eyes being drawn directly to your fireplace, if you wallpaper the entire room with the same design.

2 – Flank the Fireplace

Hang wallpaper on both sides of the fireplace and chimney but not the chimney itself. The entire chimney breast will draw attention. The chimney breast is the complete front-facing portion of the chimney surrounding the hearth, from floor to ceiling. Enhance the highlighted area by hanging artwork over the mantel that perfectly complements the overall effect created in the room.

3 – Wallpaper Only the Chimney Breast

To trim the cost of your enhanced home interior, you can wallpaper only the chimney breast. Quality wallpaper can be expensive. You can give the room the desired statement without having to make a huge investment.

4 – Behind Shelving

Although shelving next to a fireplace is a popular feature, adding wallpaper can be truly unique. Hang wallpaper behind open or glass-covered shelves and cabinets on either side of the fireplace. A mural of a landscape is one among countless options.

Fireplace Wallpapering Tips

The following can help to ensure that the wallpaper around your fireplace won’t bubble, warp, or peel off:

  • There should be adequate ventilation in the area around your fireplace.
  • If your fireplace has glass doors, close them when there’s a fire.
  • Choose wallpaper that is easy to wipe clean, so that a damp cloth can be used to remove soot from the fireplace.
  • Because wall preparation and the adhesive used are especially important when installing wallpaper near a fireplace, it’s best to rely on experts for installation.

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If the idea of wallpapering to highlight a fireplace convinces you to get a new fireplace for your home, visit the destination showroom at Inglenook Energy Center. There, you can see multiple fireplace models in working mode. This makes it easier to imagine how it might look in your home with wallpaper. Call (303) 833-3612 or stop by our showroom at 26731 Main Street in Conifer, CO, for expert assistance.