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5 Great Reasons You Will Want a Gas Fireplace

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If you’re thinking about a new fireplace for your home, there are options galore, including the method of fueling your fireplace. Gas has been emerging as a favorite choice among the other solid-fuel fireplace options, such as wood-burning and pellet fireplace inserts. There are at least 5 great reasons you want a gas fireplace in your home, too.

Gas Fireplaces - Installation

1 – Convenience, convenience, convenience

The number one reason for choosing a gas fireplace for your home bears repeating because it is a feature many homeowners consider simply fantastic. Gas fireplaces are convenient and convenient unlike any other solid-fuel burning appliance. A warm, inviting fire in your home is a wonderful thing and does not have to be accompanied by all the hassles of burning wood.

Here are common steps involved with heating with a wood-burning fireplace:

  • Chop or purchase logs
  • Split logs
  • Stack logs
  • Let logs get plenty dry, which takes about six to twelve months
  • Haul seasoned logs into the home (and probably also spiders and maybe a mouse)
  • Open the damper
  • Prepare a starter setup to get the fire going
  • Light the fire
  • Slowly add logs to the flames
  • Tend the fire from start to finish, until there are no glowing embers
  • As needed, carefully clean out ashes and safely store them for a while to ensure all embers are cold before discarding
  • Clean the creosote out of the chimney liner at least annually

How to turn a gas fireplace on and off:

  • Flip the switch or click the remote to turn the fire on and off.

Gas fireplaces are 100% hassle-free.

2 – Location, location, location

Okay, so the location options of a gas fireplace are so great, it also bears repeating. Unlike a wood-burning fireplace that must have a chimney, which limits location options, a gas fireplace can be installed in virtually any room or area of your home. Direct-vent technology makes it possible to set up gas fireplaces with a single pipe running directly through a wall.

3 – $ave Money on Winter Utilities

Because of the versatility of where a gas fireplace can be placed, zone-heating is a viable option as a solution for cutting utility costs. Research shows that homeowners save between 20% to 40% on heating expenses by using gas fireplaces. Zone heating is probably a large part of the cost-cutting benefits of gas fireplaces because the strategy involves cutting off central heating and warming only the room or rooms being occupied.

4 – Styles that Wow

Styles of gas fireplaces available today are often absolute stunners. The range of styles takes many by surprise. In addition to completely updated and realistic gas log sets, gas fireplaces have other elements such as glass in a huge variety of colors and styles. Gas fireplaces can be installed inside a wall and can even act as a divider that can be seen from two rooms or from the interior and exterior of your home at the same time. There is no need to sacrifice visual appeal, when you choose a gas fireplace over a masonry wood-burning fireplace.

Linear Gas Fireplaces

5 – Consistent Heat to Take Off the Chill

When you fire up a gas fireplace, warmth is immediately available to you. Forget about getting a fire started with fingers still numb from the cold. Adjust the thermostat or flip a switch to start enjoying the beauty and warmth provided by a gas fireplace. Easily adjust the temperature so that the room gets the desired amount of heat, whether more or less.

The styles of gas fireplaces mentioned above were no exaggeration. Why not schedule a visit to our destination showroom frequented by people from the entire Denver County area? Our 3,000+ square-foot showroom has more than 40 burning displays of fireplaces and stoves, including many gas fireplaces. There’s no easier way to make the right choice among the many appealing styles of gas fireplaces than to come to Inglenook Energy Center at 26731 Main Street in Conifer, Colorado.