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5 Reasons to Add Glass Doors to Your Fireplace

denver co fireplace remodel glass doorsDoes your fireplace need an upgrade?  Does it just sit there looking drab most of the time?  Do you feel like you’re not getting enough warmth out of the heat it produces?  A yes answer to any of these questions means you ought to consider adding a set of handsome glass doors.

The addition of glass fireplace doors not only will spruce up your fireplace and the aesthetics of the entire room, but this upgrade will bring some other welcomed benefits as well.  Let’s look at five of them.

1. Great looks

If you haven’t checked out the latest glass doors on the market these days, you’re in for a surprise.  Elegance, class, flair and beauty are all built in to selections made by top hearth-product manufacturers.  You can instantly transform your fireplace with looks ranging from sleek and contemporary to stylish and traditional.

2. More heat

For all fireplace types, glass doors bring increased warmth from the fire burning in the firebox.  This is a particularly nice benefit for owners of traditional masonry fireplaces, which aren’t known for being great heat-producers.  Glass doors aid in preventing warm air in the room from escaping up the chimney while producing varying levels of sustained, radiant heat, depending on the style of doors you choose.

3. Lowered heating bills

Along with enhancing the warmth of a fireplace when it’s operating, glass doors work year-round to control air flow in and out of the house.  Used in conjunction with the fireplace’s damper, glass doors help to keep chilly air out of the house during the winter (when the fireplace isn’t being used) and hot air outside during the summer months.  This means less need to engage your central or supplemental heating and cooling systems.

4. Reduced backdrafts

A backdraft, or downdraft, happens when outside air is drawn down the chimney.  There can be several reasons for backdrafts, but the end result when a fire is burning is smoke entering the home.  Well-fitted glass doors can stop or significantly reduce incidents of back-drafted air.

5. Fireplace Safety

While the above benefits are good reasons to install glass doors on your fireplace, there’s no reason more important than the safety of your home and those who live in it.  Here’s how these doors protect:

· An open, roaring fire is an accident waiting to happen for young, playful children and playful pets of any age.  Glass doors keep those you love away from the flames.

fireplace safety with glass doors in evergreen co· As logs burn, they snap, crackle and pop, like the cereal.  But unlike the cereal, they shoot off flame-hot embers than can land several feet away from the firebox.  This is a danger not only to humans and pets but also to rugs and furnishings.  Glass doors keep the embers contained.

· Burning logs, as they’re deprived of mass through burning, settle.  This settling can create a whoosh of sparks and color and send burning embers and lots of ash into a room.  With glass doors, the mess and danger is averted.

Inglenook Energy Center of Conifer, Colo., serves the entire Denver region with the best in hearth products including beautiful fireplace doors.  Stop by our showroom at 26731 Main St. and learn about the choices you have in outfitting your fireplace with a new set of glass doors.  Questions?  Give us a call at (303) 838-3612.