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Hot Deals on a New Stove, Insert or Fireplace before it gets Cold!

Homeowners looking to upgrade to their fireplace or install a new insert or stove will enjoy visiting our destination hearth store in Conifer CO, just a short drive from Denver CO, Lakewood CO, Littleton CO, Aspen Park CO, and the entire Front Range region.

wood inserts in Conifer CO

If you are interested in reducing utility costs in winter and/or reducing your carbon footprint, supplemental heating is the way to go and now is the best time to prepare. With a new and modern fireplace insert, stove, gas fireplace, or gas logs, you will be able to offset heating costs and cut down on pollution by turning off central heating and warming up whatever zone you’re in. All of these appliances offer efficient heating. If you want to be sure your new appliance is in place for safe operation before the next cold snap, contact our professionals at Inglenook Energy Center.

Fireplace Insert

A fireplace insert is a bit of a marvel because it transforms an inefficient open fireplace into an efficient source of heat. Initial measurements of your existing fireplace need to be correct so that the insert has the fit that will ensure maximum efficiency and safety.

Your masonry fireplace with an insert becomes more like a wood stove. It is often necessary to purchase a new chimney liner, to ensure both safety and proper operation. There has been a progression in how an insert is connected to the chimney, and it has been established that venting through a full chimney liner that runs continuously to the top of the chimney is the best way to go.

Gas Fireplace

A gas fireplace is an excellent choice for home heating. Because we’ve been in the hearth and heating industry since 1985, we know the most common fireplace problems. You can rest assured that we can help you find the gas fireplace and/or gas logs that are ideal for your home. It’s important to choose the correct appliance size for the room to be heated. Correct venting is also crucial.

When it comes to gas fireplaces, safety and performance can be significantly impacted by a difference of a few millimeters. Avoid such potential problems as dangerous gas leaks and loss of heating efficiency. Once you choose a gas fireplace, wood stove, or pellet stove that will suit your heating needs and style, we set up installation service with our dedicated professional contractors. Contact us or visit our famous showroom to choose the right model of gas fireplace in spring, summer, or anytime.

Wood Stove

Modern wood stoves come in many beautiful styles. Whatever type of décor you have, there is an efficient wood stove that will fit in perfectly. The following are more benefits of a wood stove:

  • You can place a wood stove in almost any room of your home, which makes cost-saving zone heating more convenient.
local wood stove installation
  • Wood stoves provide radiant heat. With warmth sent in all directions, air is warmed more quickly than a central heating system that comes through an air vent system.
  • When you burn wood, you aren’t using fossil fuels, the type of energy most commonly used to produce electricity. Wood is carbon-neutral, which is why burning wood is a good way to go green.
  • Wood is the most inexpensive fuel source.
  • During power outages, you will still have an effective heat source. An added bonus with many models is that you can also cook on wood stoves when there’s no electricity.

Beat the rush on taking steps to enjoy a new source of supplemental heat come winter. Inglenook Center is here to simplify the entire process, from choosing your new stove, gas logs, or insert to coordinating expert installation to future service needs and maintenance. Contact our hearth crew today for optimal spring or summer purchase of your fireplace insert, gas logs, gas fireplace, or stove.