What Heating Appliance Should You Buy - Fireplace Or Stove
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Should You Buy A Fireplace Or Stove?  

conifer co fireplace insert installedIt’s a great idea to add a fireplace or stove to your home for supplemental heat in winter. Neither of these heating appliances requires electricity, making you better equipped to stay warm during major winter storms that could knock out the power. The appliances available today are very efficient, and you can safely have a fireplace or stove installed in a space of just about any size. Both can be fueled by wood, gas, or pellets; but that’s probably where the similarities end. There are definitely distinctions between fireplaces and stoves, and knowing what those differences are can help you decide which of the heating appliances is right for you.

Heating Efficiency

A fireplace is used to heat a single room. Air moves through the chimney, pulling combustion gases from the fire to the out-of-doors. When the fireplace isn’t being used, cold air usually enters the home through chimney, diminishing overall efficiency.

Wood stoves can potentially heat entire homes, depending on the size of the stove and the layout of the house. Environmental experts say stoves are potentially 50 percent more energy efficient than fireplaces. Stoves also use one-third less wood for heating while providing more warmth than fireplaces.

For greater heating efficiency, buy a stove!


There is something about a fireplace that no other feature in a home can match, when it comes to aesthetics. The open view of flames, the natural burning of the wood, the crackling, and the aroma all create a charming ambiance that is unique and unbeatable.

Wood stoves have their own brand of charm, as well. Some have glass doors, allowing you to see the flames. The operation of a stove is different from a fireplace, and the flames aren’t as leisurely and relaxing to watch. Wood stoves are built to serve as viable sources of heat in winter, making them more functional than aesthetically pleasing, though they are stylish.

For superior aesthetics, buy a fireplace!

Environmentally Friendly

The environment is an important consideration, when choosing a solid fuel appliance for heating. Thanks to ever-tightening restrictions imposed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), heating appliances of all kinds are far more efficient and environmentally safe now than they were in former times.

Whether you burn wood or gas in a fireplace or stove, efficiency is what determines which type of appliance is more earth-friendly. Stoves have more of a closed combustion system that burns more cleanly and radiates more effectively into the home.

With a stove, there is also less risk of carbon monoxide emissions in the home, as compared to a fireplace. Backdrafts can occur in fireplaces, which is part of the reason fireplaces make a home more vulnerable to a release of toxic fumes.

To be more earth-friendly, buy a stove!


safety with stoves in buffalo creek coA certain amount of risk comes with burning wood or gas. When it comes to determining whether a fireplace or a stove is safer, many suggest it’s a tie. There’s a separate point of view, however, that takes into account the openness of a fireplace as compared to the stove. Without a glass door on a fireplace, burning logs could potentially fall onto the hearth, sparks could fly into the room while tending the fire, and the home is more vulnerable to toxic fumes. Wood-burning stoves are closed systems with fires that are better contained. A hot stove could create a risk of burning, depending on the type of stove it is. Fireplaces can also be hazardous when pets and children are around.

For greater safety, a stove is arguably the best choice!

Where to Buy a Fireplace or Stove

Inglenook Energy Center has a fully-stocked showroom with many models of fireplaces and stoves in operation. You could get a chance to see your top heating appliances operating side-by-side, which can help you better determine which seems to be more perfect for your home. The friendly professionals at Inglenook are always happy to help homeowners make the best choice. Are you unsure whether to buy a fireplace or stove? Feel free to call 303-838-3612 or visit our showroom at 26731 Main St. in Conifer CO. We can help you choose the perfect heating appliance for your home.