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Amazing Double-Sided Fireplace Design Ideas

modern double sided fireplaceGas fireplaces have revolutionized fireplace design. One of the most popular recent innovations is the double-sided fireplace. A double-sided fireplace is an elegant addition to any home that adds comfort and utility to living spaces. With viewing windows on both sides, it allows you to maximize the design impact of your fireplace. There are many ways to incorporate this fireplace design into your home. Here are the top design ideas in 2019 for double-sided fireplaces.



#1 – Create a divide for an open floor plan

Open floor plans can make your home feel larger and more welcoming, but they also create the need for creative room dividers to set off different spaces from each other. Installing a double-sided fireplace between a living room and dining area or kitchen is an excellent way to separate the spaces while preserving the feeling of openness.

#2 – Open up a small or enclosed room

Do you have a wall in your house that you’ve been considering knocking down? Instead of taking out the whole wall, you can install a double-sided fireplace. The large glass window display will make the rooms feel connected and open without the need to tear down the entire wall. This is an especially smart solution for a load bearing wall that cannot be safely removed.

#3 – Warm up your living room and porch

Your living room and porch are two of the most relaxing spaces in your home. You can get more enjoyment out of both by adding a double-sided fireplace between them. Even during warm months of the year, enclosed porches can be uncomfortably chilly in the mornings and evenings. You’ll be more likely to sip your morning coffee or unwind after work in your porch when you can stay warm next to a glowing hearth. The orange glow of a fireplace makes every living room feel cozier.

#4 – Connect your inside and outdoor living spaces

Indoor Outdoor FireplaceThe beauty of the outdoors is one of the appeals of living in the Denver area. Installing a double-sided fireplace between your deck or backyard BBQ and living room is an elegant way to bring more of the beauty of nature indoors. When you host gatherings on chilly evenings, you and your guests will be able to enjoy the crackle and warmth of a blazing fire in your living room and backyard.

Viewing live burning models is the best way to find the perfect double-sided fireplace for your home. Stop by Inglenook Energy for the best selection of fireplaces in the Denver, CO area from leading manufacturers! We have more than 40 displays in our 3,000-foot showroom. You can compare the look and feel of fireplaces with large square viewing windows, linear displays and traditional fireboxes. You can also checkout a wide selection of mantels and surrounds made from wood, stone and metal to find the right style to suite your taste and home décor. You can always expect full-service customer care from our knowledgeable, trained hearth experts.