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Fireplace Remodel: Tips & Tricks for all Budgets

Fireplace remodel - Denver COIn U.S. homes, fireplaces are 22 years old, on average, according to research done by the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association. There are many reasons you may want to remodel your aging fireplace. Besides the fact that the fireplace may be highly inefficient, causing you to have higher utility bills year-round, it may not be safe or it may not fit with your current design aesthetic. The following tips and tricks can help with a fabulous fireplace remodel that could fit virtually any budget.

Budget-Friendly Fireplace Remodels

If your brick surround is outdated and underwhelming, why not give it a whole new look with paint? Keep in mind that some experts believe the cons outweigh the pros, when it comes to painting brick surfaces. A lot of prep work precedes painting. You need primer and paint that will adhere to the brick surface. Washing the brick ahead of time is essential. Once you’ve painted the brick, it’s impossible to restore the original look.

As for the pros, ultimately, a quality paint job truly can transform a fireplace into a whole new and appealing focal point for your home. Painting a brick fireplace surround is about as affordable as a fireplace remodel can get, and yet it can yield excellent results. The following are more economical ways to remodel your fireplace or simply give it a fresh look:

  • If components of your surround include dated tile, there are some very simple solutions. To boost the look of your fireplace with elegant marble, cover tile squares with marble-look adhesive paper. The difference can be striking, if other elements of the surround are in harmony with the adhesive paper of your choice.
  • Similar to painting, you can whitewash the brick for a stunning effect. This approach maintains the rich texture naturally found in bricks but gives a completely modern appearance.
  • For a dramatic transformation of an otherwise drab fireplace, you can cover the existing brick with a stone veneer.
  • There are brilliant tiles available that you could use to cover your fireplace surround. This strategy will draw every eye in the room to your showcase fireplace.
  • You could opt to add an accessory that changes the look of your drab fireplace. Iron fireplace doors are available in a wide range of styles, from rustic to elegant. Artistic, stylish, and one-of-a-kind fireplace screens are available that could give your fireplace an instant upgrade. We have a wide range of hearth accessories at Inglenook Energy Center, including ornate mantle shelves.

Fireplace Inserts

wood inserts in Conifer COIf you have a fireplace insert installed, you could get one that renews the look of your fireplace in addition to increasing its efficiency. In reality, the biggest frustration many homeowners with old fireplaces have is the fact that their beautiful living room centerpiece is completely inefficient and does not contribute meaningfully to heating their home in winter. By installing either a fireplace insert that is wood-burning or gas or by installing a pellet stove insert, you end up with a rejuvenated fireplace system that can be a significant heat source in winter.

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