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Fireplace Tips for Small Spaces

There is nothing cozier than the dazzling flames of a fireplace to stay warm and toasty on a chilly winter day. But a traditional wood-burning fireplace requires installation with significant clearance from combustible materials. It’s one of the reasons they take up so much space in a room and why you don’t see them very often in small homes, town-homes, condos, and other small spaces. Fortunately, a combination of technology and ingenuity has resulted in a new selection of space-saving, energy-efficient appliances with the ambiance of a traditional fireplace that are perfect fit for small spaces.

Zero Clearance (ZC) Fireplaces

 For those who live in a condo, a mobile home, a dorm room, an apartment, or any other place with limited space, a traditional fireplace was not an option. Fortunately, a zero-clearance (ZC) fireplace doesn’t have that space restriction. They can be installed virtually anywhere, even in small spaces. And if you think that your only choice is electric; think again. There are a wood-burning, pellet, and gas ZC fireplaces in a variety of styles to create the ambiance you desire for any living space.

zero clearance fireplaceWall Mounted Fireplaces

Wall mounted fireplaces are self-contained heating appliances that are specially designed to be installed directly onto a wall, leaving the floor space free. Wood-burning models are vented directly through the wall. There are also ventless gas and electric wall fireplaces that can be hung just like a picture frame. And since they don’t require venting, they’re perfect for condos, apartments and other small rooms. Another option is to build the fireplace inside a non-load bearing wall for an impressive two-sided appearance that allows two rooms to share the warmth and beauty of a single fireplace.

Corner Fireplaces

The corner of a room is one of the most common wasted spaces of any home. But in small homes every inch of space count. A corner fireplace is a perfect complement that fits neatly in the corner of a living room, master bedroom, or even a studio apartment. They are available in a wide range of sizes, styles, and fuel options like wood, gas, and electric. These space-saving fireplaces will give any home an ample amount of heat in the winter and a beautiful appearance all year round.

Freestanding Fireplaces

clean wood stoveWhat if you had the opportunity to position a fireplace in any part of the home for maximum heating efficiency? With a freestanding fireplace, you can do just that. And while a freestanding fireplace looks incredibly like a traditional built-in hearth, it doesn’t require costly installation. And like other fireplaces for small places, there are direct vent and ventless freestanding models in your choice of fuel options.

Pellet Stove

If you have a small space and want the warmth and ambiance of a wood-burning experience without the need for a vent, a compact pellet stove may be the perfect fit. These modern, energy-efficient heating appliances give you a flame-viewing experience in a small unit just like a fireplace. It uses pellets (compressed sawdust from recycled wood) for continuous, economical fuel. And its space-saving design is perfect for any size room.

 These are just some of the many fireplaces that are available for small spaces. With so many choices, space constraints are no longer a barrier to enjoying the warmth and beauty of a roaring fire. With models from Jotul, Quadra-Fire, Heat ‘N Glo and Vermont Castings, we have a fireplace for every room in your home.