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It’s Grilling Time at the “Nook”

BBQ Grills in Denver Best Deal on Napoleon Grills

Pick up your Napoleon Gas Grill or Louisiana Pellet Grill at our destination hearth & lifestyle store located in the Greater Denver Area. We serve the Front Range region including Conifer CO, Evergreen CO, Morrison CO, Golden CO, and Centennial CO.


One of the age-old gender questions is why men love to grill and why it’s a pleasure jealously claimed by the males among us. It’s not just a U.S. of A. thing, either. Across the globe, researchers say, cookery is divided by gender. Rather than explore the mystery of men loving to grill, especially in spring and summer, time might be better spent exploring terrific grills. We have many outstanding products that can make grilling even more of an enjoyment than ever, no matter who you are.

At Inglenook Energy Center in Conifer, CO, we have a great selection of grills and grilling accessories. Three types of grills we love to show off for customers from nearby Denver CO, Colorado Springs, and the entire area are Napoleon Grills, Louisiana Pellet Grills, and the Big Green Egg.

Napoleon Grills

For a sleek gas grilling setup, there is no way to go wrong with Napoleon Grills. You can look forward to enjoying easy-opening hoods that seal in the heat like an oven, a reliable ignition system, unique cooking grates, and a price that’s just right. Users appreciate the accu-probe thermometer that’s placed in the lid’s center. The control panel is complete with backlit knobs. A wide range of sizes is available. Learn more about Napoleon Grills by talking to our experts.

napoleon gas grills
louisiana grill

Louisiana Pellet Grills

Louisiana Pellet Grills have a proven track record, with a history longer than most other pellet grill companies. These innovative grills get hot quickly and hold heat better than other grills because they are built with thicker metal. These are rust-resistant year-round grills that will give you grilling happiness for many years. When you use Louisiana Pellet Grills, you are cooking with wood, which gives an undeniable quality of flavor to your barbeque, grilling, and smoking. The quality of food that you can cook on these grills can’t be produced with a gas or charcoal appliance.

Big Green Egg

The least traditional grill that we sell is the Big Green Egg, which has been around for about two decades. This unique grill has insulating ceramic design, is more versatile than any other type of barbeque grill currently on the market, and is increasingly growing in popularity.


The following are some of the functions of the Big Green Egg:

Big Green Egg
  • As a grill, the Big Green Egg can reach extremely high temperatures that produce perfect sears, just like the best steak houses. Dampers allow for heat control. In addition to grilling burgers, pork, and steaks at higher temperatures, vegetables, seafood, and hot dogs can be perfectly prepared at more moderate temps. The flavorful meals prepared on the Big Green Egg are tender and moist.
  • This amazing appliance can also operate as an oven. Cook pizza, pies, and casseroles. You can even bake bread in it. The design of the Big Green Egg retains the moisture in foods so that they don’t dry out.
  • The Big Green Egg also works as a smoker. Meats can be cooked at a low level for long periods of time, creating delectable smoked meats such as turkey, ham, ribs, lamb, and chicken.

Discover your inner grill master with the grill of your dreams, whether you are a male or a female! Which grill will you choose for wonderful outdoor cooking in spring and summer?