Before Buying A Set Of Gas Logs - Vented & Ventless Gas Logs
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What to Know Before Buying a Set of Gas Logs

vented gas fireplace installation in golden coDo you know how to choose the right set of gas logs? We meet a lot of customers who are interested in putting gas logs into their wood-burning fireplace but admit they don’t know how to choose the right set for their home. If you are in the same boat, we can help! We have pinpointed the 2 most important questions to answer before you buy a set of gas logs.

What Fuel Do You Want to Use: Natural Gas or Liquid Propane?

Gas logs sets are made to burn either natural gas or liquid propane. There are pros and cons to each. Here are the top pros and cons of each to take into consideration before you choose:

Natural Gas


Less expensive than propane gas log sets

Easy gas hookup if your home already has natural gas appliances like a gas water heater, oven, etc.


Can be challenging to connect to buried gas service lines if your home isn’t already connected to one

Not available in all areas

Liquid Propane


Burns almost three times hotter than natural gas

Available in areas where natural gas isn’t because it doesn’t need to be connected to an existing gas line


More expensive than natural gas log sets in most cases

Requires the installation of a propane tank outside

The propane tank will occasionally need to be refilled

If you are leaning towards natural gas but you don’t have a gas appliance, you should reach out to your local energy provider to find out if it is available in your area. If there isn’t a gas line in your area, propane will be your only option.

After you determined the right fuel for your gas logs, the next question to ask is whether or not to get vented or ventless gas logs. Just like the availability of natural gas in your area will determine whether or not that is even an option for you, the venting system in your fireplace will play a role in which one you can choose.

How Will Your Gas Log Set Vent?

Much like factory built fireplaces, there are vented gas logs and ventless or vent-free gas logs. As the names imply, if you buy vented gas logs your fireplace will need to have a chimney or vent for smoke to escape through. If you buy ventless gas logs, you won’t need a venting system. For homeowners who already have a ventless fireplace, the choice is simple: ventless gas logs. For everyone else, we’ve made another pros and cons list to consider which would be best for you:

Vented Gas Logs


Less expensive than ventless logs in most cases

The flames are higher and brighter making it look more like a traditional wood fire

No carbon monoxide (CO) detector needed

Doesn’t smell


Requires a venting system or chimney

Produces less heat than vent-free gas logs (may not heat an entire room)

Uses more fuel than ventless logs

Ventless (Vent-free) Gas Logs


Greater heat output than vented logs (can heat a large room or open floor)

More environmentally friendly since it burns clean

Burns fuel more efficiently

Doesn’t requiring venting which means it can be used in a vent-free fireplace or a self-contained cabinet


littleton co fireplace tech install of gas logsProduces less dramatic flames

Must have a Carbon Monoxide (CO) detector and an Oxygen depletion system (ODS)

Depletes oxygen in your home (a window should be cracked open any time it is used to maintain enough oxygen in your home)

Increases the risk of carbon monoxide exposure since there is no vent

Can increase your home’s humidity because the clean burning process produces moisture

Outlawed in some municipalities and California

The right answers to these questions depend on you, your home and local building codes. If you need any help making up your mind or want information about the legal requirements for gas logs in your area, talk to one of our experts at Inglenook Energy Center. We do our best to stay informed about the legal requirements for gas logs in this part of the country. We are here to answer your questions so that you can customize your fireplace to meet your needs and desires.  Stop by our location to pick our brains or browse the wide selection of gas logs we have available.