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Pros & Cons of Different Fireplaces and Fuels

Gas Fireplace Installations - Denver COPlanning to add a fireplace to your home? Whether your top reason is to boost your home’s architectural beauty and charm, to supplement your heating system, or simply to enjoy the romance of the flames, there are plenty of options. What most distinguishes one type of fireplace from another is the type of fuel used. The following provides a few pros and cons about fireplaces fueled by wood, gas, electricity, and ethanol.

Gas Fireplaces

The most popular types of fireplaces are those fueled with gas and wood. Gas is a favorite pick for many homeowners because of the benefit of convenience. All it takes to get the home fires burning is to turn the unit on, which can be done with a remote control, switch, or thermostat.

Zone heating means warming up only the room you’re in. Gas fireplaces make zone heating excellent cost-saving options, due to their incredible convenience. These fireplaces provide convective, radiant, clean, and efficient heat.

There are many exciting options for styles of gas fireplaces. You can also choose from a variety of burning elements. The ceramic logs available today are far more realistic than in former times. Besides gas logs, you can choose glass beads from a wide range of colors, and the flames will burn just as brightly.

The only real cons of a gas fireplace might be that it doesn’t offer the same pleasant aroma, sounds, or appearance of burning wood.

A chimney may or may not be required for a gas fireplace. Direct vent fireplaces can be vented directly through a wall, and they provide additional heat, since none of the warmth escapes through a chimney.  Ventless fireplaces require no venting, but check before purchasing one because they may be against building codes for your area.

Wood-Fueled Fireplaces

Wood burning fireplaces - Conifer CO - Denver COAs beautiful as a masonry wood-fueled fireplace can be, a down side is that it is an inefficient heat source unless a fireplace insert is installed.

The fuel is the cheapest type for fireplaces, but chopping, storing, and hauling the wood inside is sometimes more work than a busy family has time for.

Upkeep of a wood fireplace is greater than other types, as well. Chimney maintenance is important, and ashes need to be cleaned out regularly.

Electric Fireplaces

With improvements in design and technology, electric fireplaces are charming sources of portable heat. Simply plug an electric fireplace in, and it operates. Many styles and sizes are available, so that you can fit an electric fireplace in any room of your home. There is no easier way to inject added atmosphere and warmth into your living spaces than with electric fireplaces.

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