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Seasonal Upkeep Tips for Gas and Wood Fireplaces and Stoves

Wood fireplace Denver COResidents turn to Inglenook Energy Center for the upkeep and maintenance of their gas and wood fireplaces & stoves. Serving the West Denver Metro and the entire Front Range region, including Conifer CO, Denver CO, Golden, Lakewood, Fairplay, Buena Vista, Idaho Springs, Westminster, Alma, Central City, and surrounding towns in Jefferson County, Denver County, and Clear Creek County.

With the mountains in Colorado, thoughts of winter can linger throughout long summers. It’s actually a good thing to remember that winter is never far away, if you have a wood or gas fireplace or stove. For safety reasons, there are some recommended tips for off-season maintenance of solid-fuel-burning appliances. It can also give added peace of mind, knowing that your fireplace or wood stove is ready for the return of wintry weather.

Maintenance tips for wood-burning fireplaces, stoves, and inserts

Whether you have a wood-burning stove, traditional fireplace, or fireplace insert, the following are tips that could be helpful for off-season maintenance:

  • Schedule an annual chimney inspection. Fire safety experts such as the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) recommend annual chimney inspections. Even if you have hardly used your fireplace or wood stove, it is an important step in safety to have an inspection done by a chimney professional.
  • Did you know that creosote accumulates in your chimney every time you use your wood-burning fireplace or stove? Creosote is highly flammable. If allowed to continue building up inside the flue liner, two different hazards can occur. One is that the chimney could be obstructed by the creosote buildup. This can result in toxic carbon monoxide entering the home. Secondly, the creosote increases the chances of a dangerous chimney fire. These intense blazes can do extensive damage and sometimes lead to an out-of-control house fire. Experts also recommend having your chimney cleaned, as needed.
  • If your wood-burning appliance is equipped with a blower, clean it. This is one of many feasible do-it-yourself maintenance tasks.
  • If you have a deteriorating lining in your wood-burning appliance, it is essential to repair it before using the fireplace or stove again, to avoid causing irreparable damage.
  • Check the gasket material on your appliance. If seals on the glass doors or steel doors are no longer airtight, it’s essential to repair or replace them. Otherwise, excess air could get into the firebox, creating a potential overfire condition, which could also permanently damage the appliance.

Maintenance tips for gas fireplaces and stoves

Gas appliances are much neater and simpler to operate than wood-burning appliances, but it’s till essential to ensure proper operation and to keep up with regular maintenance. The following are a few tips for upkeep:

  • Gas Stove Installation and Maintenance - Denver COSchedule annual maintenance by a qualified technician. Dust and insects can impair performance of the combustion system. Airways of main burners and the pilot need routine cleaning.
  • If you have an optional remote control device for your gas fireplace or stove, replace the batteries. The receiver may also need to be replaced.
  • If your gas-burning fireplace or wood stove has a blower, clean it before the return of winter. When too much dust accumulates on blower blades, the balance of a blower could shift. The result can be premature wear and tear of the bearing. Dust also tends to insulate the motor, which doesn’t allow for intended cooling. This can ultimately cause the blower motor to cease up.

Whether you have a wood-burning or gas appliance, be sure that you have a carbon monoxide detector on every floor of the home. Check the batteries routinely, to be sure they work properly.

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