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Tips for Adding a Fireplace to a Small Space

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Choose your next gas or zero clearance fireplace at our fireplace store in Conifer CO, just a short drive from Denver CO, Evergreen CO, Morrison CO, Golden CO, Centennial CO, and Aspen Park CO.

If you love fireplaces, why not install a fireplace in a small space in your home?

Gone are the days when it was impractical to have a fireplace in bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. There are many modern fireplace designs that are ideal for adding warmth and charm to cozy places and for cutting costs in winter with zone heating. Gas fireplaces don’t require chimneys for venting, and electric fireplaces can be easily added in any space that has electricity.

Corner fireplaces

In tight spaces, it’s always helpful when corners can be put to good use. Why not have a gas fireplace installed in the corner of your bedroom or any small room in your home? The modern gas fireplace designs available today make it possible to install a beautiful appliance just about anywhere. Venting for a gas fireplace can be directed through the nearest wall.

Dual-sided and wall-mounted fireplaces

The possibilities for installation of gas fireplaces are truly exciting. Forget about having no space to add a fireplace. You can fit a stylish gas fireplace inside a wall and away from the floor. A wall-mounted fireplace is the best space-saver of all, since it occupies zero space.

You can create a dramatic effect in the smallest rooms of your home with a dual-sided fireplace. Also installed in a wall, dual-sided appliances provide a fireside view from two rooms at the same time. Dual-sided fireplaces have an open face on both sides, providing heat to each room.

Modern gas logs are far more realistic than when they were first available. With gas fireplaces, however, you can choose flames set in colored glass or set amidst realistic gas logs.

Denver CO Electrtic Fireplace InstallationElectric fireplaces

Electric fireplaces available today are designed with advanced technology that ensures an attractive look. They can also provide welcome heat in winter. There is an option to turn on an electric fireplace without the heat element. Electric fireplaces are growing in popularity because they provide nice aesthetics in addition to an option for supplemental heating. Wall-mounted models of electric fireplaces are available. All styles simply need to be plugged in to operate, and many are easily portable.

Gas fireplaces, electric fireplaces, and zone heating

When fireplaces are added in the small rooms as well as large rooms of a home, zone heating becomes a possibility. With this strategy for reducing the cost of heating in winter, the only room in which a heating appliance is in operation is in the room you are in.

Gas fireplaces are excellent choices because they are environmentally friendly and provide significant heat, wherever they are installed. The convenience of these viable heat sources is unsurpassed. Simply switch on your gas fireplace with a remote control or thermostat, whether it is installed in your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, or den. Comfortably moving from one room to another during the coldest days of winter with costly central heating turned off is possible with zone heating using gas fireplaces.

Visit our huge, unique showroom to see first-hand many of the gas fireplaces and electric fireplaces we offer. There are plenty of beautiful styles that you can choose for the small and large spaces in your home. Our experts can help you choose the fireplace that’s right for you. Visit us at 26731 Main Street in Conifer, Colorado, in the Denver area. Feel free to call us at (303) 838-3612.