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The True Value of Owning an Efficient Gas Fireplace

superior gas fireplaces in conifer coIt’s no secret that fireplaces are pretty popular in Colorado.  Some people prefer to use wood for fuel, others prefer gas.  There are advantages to both, and here we’re going to talk about eight specific values in owning and operating an efficient gas fireplace or converting a wood-burning fireplace with a gas insert.

1. Lowered heating costs

A wide range of experts including the Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association have determined that a gas fireplace in your main room can shave up to 40 percent off heating bills.

2. High fuel-efficiency rating

This rating measures how much of the heat produced in a fireplace ends up being heat that people feel.  Vented gas fireplaces commonly have ratings between 60 and 80 percent.  It’s even higher with non-vented models.  This is more than double the fuel-efficiency rating of many traditional masonry wood-burning fireplaces.

3. Increased home value

The National Center for Real Estate Research estimates that with all other things being equal, any kind of fireplace will add between six and 12 percent to the value of a home.

4. Zone heating capability

Gas fireplaces come in a variety of sizes and have much more flexibility in their installation than wood fireplaces.  A small unit in a bedroom, bathroom or kitchen provides fast and efficient zone heating without having to crank up heat throughout the house.

5. Low maintenance

Burning wood makes smoke, which leaves sticky, flammable creosote deposits inside the chimney, and these must be removed regularly.  Gas fireplaces burn clean and do not require heavy-duty cleaning.  Non-vented models require virtually no cleaning.  Because there are no wood chips or ash left behind, gas fireboxes always look like new.

6. Fast heat

A switch on a gas fireplace brings instant heat to your room.  You can control the heat with a remote or another switch.  When you don’t want heat, you turn it off, and the heat goes away.

7. Beautiful designs

You often have to look twice to tell the difference between a wood fireplace and a modern gas fireplace in operation.  Realistic gas log sets are designed to resemble wood with their non-uniform shape, bark details and coloring.  Gas fireplaces are available in design styles from sleek and contemporary to rustic and traditional.

8. Sized for efficiency

conifer co gas fireplace installsWith a wood-burning fireplace, you have to use your judgment on how much wood and how big a fire will meet your needs.  When you shop for a gas fireplace, your hearth dealer can take the dimensions of the room the fireplace will be use in and show you the models that are designed to heat a space that size.  This way you won’t be paying for what you don’t need, and you won’t need more than you have.

If it’s time to look into a great new gas fireplace or gas insert, Inglenook Energy Center of Conifer, Colo., is standing by to show you the right units for your specific needs.  Visit us at 26731 Main St., or give us a call at (303) 838-3612.