Wood Burning Stove - Reduce Environmental Impact - Cut Heating Costs
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How a Wood Burning Stove Could Cut Your Heating Costs & Reduce Your Environmental Impact

Even during Colorado’s mild winters, extra heating costs can break your budget during the coldest months of the year. Relying on your furnace to heat your home doesn’t just increase your energy bill, it also increases your carbon footprint. Installing a wood burning stove is a smart way to cut down on your costs and adopt a more sustainable lifestyle.

How can a wood burning stove save you money?

You can save money with a wood burning stove by turning down your thermostat and relying on your stove to zone heat your home. Modern wood stoves are able to comfortably heat large areas. Wood is an inexpensive fuel especially if you can collect your own firewood.

Can you effectively heat your home with a wood burning stove?

Wood burning stoves today can heat up a room as effectively as a furnace with a heat output of up to 100,000 BTUs per hour. A large, centrally located wood burning stove may be able to heat an entire floor of your home depending on the size of the area and model of stove that you choose.

Wood burning stoves range in size and heat output. The number of square feet that a wood burning stove can heat depends on the model. Usually, smaller models of wood stoves can heat up to 1,000 square feet. Medium sized wood stoves can heat up to 2,000 square feet. Large wood burning stoves can heat up to 3,000 square feet.

Always be sure, when you are buying a stove, to look at the features to find out its exact heat output and the square footage it is capable of heating. If you get a stove that is too small for the area that you are hoping to heat, it won’t be as effective.

Why are wood burning stoves environmentally friendly heating appliances?

conifer co radiant looking wood stovesUnlike the coal and natural gas that energy companies use to fuel power grids, wood is a carbon-neutral fuel. This means that when wood burns it releases the same amount of carbon into the atmosphere that it would decomposing naturally. Since it doesn’t increase the amount of carbon in the atmosphere, it has a neutral carbon footprint and does not accelerate the rate of global climate change.

Wood is also a renewable resource that can be collected without harming the environment. If you fell an old tree for firewood, you can plant a new one in its place. Most modern wood stoves meet or exceed the Environmental Protection Agency’s clean air standards so you don’t have to worry about contributing to air pollution.

This is why using a wood burning stove to heat your home is a sustainable, environmentally friendly heating choice.

If you are thinking about investing in the perfect alternate heating source, stop by our showroom in Conifer, CO! We have a wide selection of wood stoves in many different styles to complement your home décor. We also provide professional installation services for residents in the Greater Denver area.