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ZC (Zero Clearance) Fireplaces are a Great Option

Homeowners shopping for zero clearance fireplaces can find an excellent selection of quality products at our destination fireplace store in Conifer CO, just a short drive from Denver CO, Evergreen CO, Morrison CO, Golden CO, Centennial CO, and Aspen Park CO.

zero clearance fireplaces - denver coZero-clearance fireplaces are in many homes throughout Colorado. For anyone considering a home upgrade or alternate heating solutions, a ZC fireplace may be perfect. These factory-made fireplaces are extremely versatile. The following are top benefits of buying a zero-clearance fireplace.

Fits in Tight Spaces

Whether you live in a mobile home, a house with small rooms and tight spaces, or a large house with an open floor plan, a zero-clearance fireplace can be safely used and an effective source of heat. The single greatest feature of a ZC fireplace is that it has added insulation that makes it safe to place near combustible materials.

Affordable Addition

The cost of installing a ZC fireplace is minimal compared to adding a masonry fireplace to your floor plan. No concrete foundations are required, and a masonry chimney is unnecessary. Labor costs are also less expensive.

Fuel Options

Choose between gas and wood fuel for your versatile ZC fireplace.

There are benefits to choosing a gas zero clearance fireplace, such as: unmatched convenience; gas is ideal for zone heating: no electricity is needed; and gas is efficient and environmentally friendly as a heat source.

Benefits of choosing a wood-fueled ZC fireplace include: Wood is the least expensive type of fuel for heating in winter; the ambiance created by logs in the fireplace is one-of-a-kind; if there’s a blackout, you can still keep warm; and wood is carbon neutral, which means it is an eco-friendly way to heat your home.

Style Options

Zero-clearance fireplaces come in many styles. From designs that are sleek, modern, and contemporary to traditional and rustic, there is usually a model that is ideal for any home. The best way to make a selection is to visit our destination showroom in Conifer, not far from Denver. Our showroom is fully stocked. In addition to seeing zero clearance fireplaces and other heating appliances up close, you will have the benefit of our friendly, knowledgeable professionals in making a selection that’s right for you.

Adds Home Value

Whatever you spend on a zero-clearance fireplace may be fully repaid, if you ever sell your home. The value of a house is typically increased at a rate higher than the cost of purchase and installation, when you add a zero-clearance fireplace to one or more rooms.

Low Maintenance

The maintenance on a gas-fueled ZC fireplace is effortless, especially as compared to the upkeep involved with a masonry fireplace. There are no ashes to scoop and no creosote to have removed from the chimney lining. Annual maintenance is recommended for all fireplaces, no matter how they are fueled, to ensure continued safe operation.

ZC Gas FireplacesStop by our 3,000-plus-square-foot showroom to do a comparison and contrast of our many styles of fireplaces, stoves, and inserts. We have over 40 models that are fully functional, so that you can see first-hand what the various stoves and fireplaces would look like in your home. Get assistance from our experts choosing your zero-clearance fireplace at Inglenook Energy Center located at 26731 Main Street in Conifer, Colorado.