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Chimney Sweep Services: Cleaning, Inspection & Chimney Repairs

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We strongly recommend professional chimney sweep services for all of our customers throughout Denver and the Front Range area of Colorado. Annual cleaning and inspection of chimneys and venting systems is a must to assure safe burning. That’s why we’ve partnered with Midtown Chimney Sweeps to provide the best chimney services from the top of the crown down to the firebox. They will also tackle any masonry repairs, including crowns and chimney liners. You can count on Midtown - our Certified Chimney Professionals for all of your Chimney needs.

Chimney Inspection

Having your chimney inspected is one of the most important things a responsible homeowner can do to protect their home and family. The snow and extreme external temperature swings along with the high internal temperatures of wood-burning can lead to excessive wear and tear on the chimney and its internal components. Annual inspection and cleaning are a must for safe burning.

Midtown provides three levels of chimney inspection in accordance with Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) guidelines:

Level 1 Inspection: This is a routine visual inspection that is recommended at least once per year. We inspect the accessible portions of the chimney structure and components such as the liner, damper and firebox, for instance, to ensure that there are no defects and are safe for use. We will also inspect the brickwork and masonry and look for any signs of damage, including water leaks. The chimney sweep will let you know if any repairs are recommended to maintain the safe operation of your fireplace or heating appliance.

Level 2 Inspection: This level is recommended when there have been recent changes to the flue, type of fuel, like converting from wood to gas, or if there are signs that a chimney fire occurred. For example, if you recently relined a chimney, a level 2 inspection will be recommended. During this more intensive inspection we will use a specialized video camera to carefully inspect the flue and liner. The chimney sweep will also access the interior chimney areas through the crawlspace and/or attic for inspection.

Level 3 Inspection: When the chimney technician suspects there is a serious issue or safety hazard in an inaccessible area of the chimney during a Level 2 Inspection, a Level 3 inspection will be recommended. This high level of inspection may require removal of surrounding masonry or brick work in order to inspect for damages in a non-accessible portion of the chimney. Your heating appliance and venting system may not be safe for use until repairs have been completed.

Creosote Cleaning Colorado

Chimney Cleaning

The flue and walls of the chimney can become a very dirty place. The accumulation of creosote along with smoke, soot and other contaminants can increase the risk of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. Creosote is a natural by-product of combustion and is of particular concern. This dark, tarry, flammable substance clings to the walls and other components inside the chimney. It continues to accumulate every time a fire is lit. Fire safety experts warn that an accumulation of as little as 1/8” is enough to spark a fire in the chimney. Many homeowners have no idea they had a chimney fire until the damage was discovered during a routine chimney inspection. Also, twigs, bird’s nests, rodents and other debris can block the chimney causing a safety hazard. Midtown Chimney Sweeps will thoroughly clean the chimney and remove harmful contaminants and blockages to ensure your fireplace or stove burns safely.

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