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Evergreen, CO – Gas Stoves, Wood Stoves, Pellet Stoves

Inglenook Energy Center in Conifer, CO, brings the best in gas, wood and pellet stoves for home heating to residents in Evergreen, CO and the surrounding communities of Golden, CO, Arvada, CO, Lakewood, CO, Broomfield, CO, Littleton, CO, Superior, CO, Westminster, CO, and Applewood, CO.  We serve all of Jefferson County, CO, with top-line products from the most respected manufacturers in the industry.

evergreen co wood burning stoveFree-standing stoves used for home heating today are nothing like their counterparts just a few decades ago.  And when you compare modern stoves with the old-fashioned pot-belly variety from our great-grandparents’ era, it’s hard to believe they’re even the same kind of appliance.

Residents of Evergreen and neighboring Colorado communities have a huge choice of outstanding stove brands right here in our 3,000-square-foot Conifer, CO, showroom.  Inglenook Energy Center is proud to offer a wide range of gas, wood and pellet stoves to our customers who demand top performance and predictable heat for the long winters we have in our area.

Yes, it’s cold in Evergreen.  Average lows for December and January top out at just over 10 degrees.  The lowest recorded temperature for both of these months was -39 degrees.  Even in the middle of summer, it’s rare that the low temperature rises above 50 degrees.  Coupled with snow and ice, winter temperatures can make driving County Hwy. 73, Evergreen Parkway, Upper Bear Creek Road by the lake and any other street treacherous, at best.

When you get off the road and into your home, you need heat.  And supplementing your home’s heating with a fine new free-standing stove is a very smart choice.

Wood-burning stoves

Throughout the entire Rocky Mountain region, wood stoves are among the most popular choices for people looking for great heating and great looks.  The wood stoves you’ll find at Inglenook Energy Center – just 18 minutes away in Conifer – are all EPA-certified to meet or exceed that agency’s emissions requirements.  That means they’re clean-burning and far more environmentally friendly than wood stoves of yesteryear.

Wood stoves can generate huge amounts of heat as the logs inside crackle and sizzle.  Because these stove styles come in a variety of sizes and heat outputs, they’re ideal for adding zone heating to other rooms of the home like a kitchen or den.

Gas stoves

Gas has always been a clean-burning fuel, and today’s gas stove technology makes them cleaner than ever.  And as for convenience, it’s hard to imagine a home heating appliance that’s easier to turn on, adjust and turn off than a free-standing gas stove.

Unlike with stoves that burn wood logs, gas stoves run with zero-hassle.  No hauling, storing and loading of logs, and no wood chips all over the floor.  For today’s busy lifestyles, modern gas stoves made of cast iron, stone or steel are a perfect fit with convenience, beauty and top performance.  In addition, gas stoves are the easiest stove type to place in various areas throughout the house such as bedrooms and bathrooms.

Pellet stoves

free standing pellet stove in evergreen coPellet stove owners in and around Evergreen enjoy the fact that their appliances use renewable energy.  Wood pellets are made of wood chips, scraps and sawdust – byproducts of wood-working that would otherwise be taken to landfills that are already too full.

Pellets have very little moisture, allowing them to burn hot and efficiently, surpassing even the burn quality of wood logs.  Pellets are purchased in bags and fed into a hopper on the stove, which in turn feeds a specified amount of fuel into the fire as often as needed.  These stoves can operate on their own for up to 24 hours without attention.

When it’s time to shop for a new free-standing stove for your Evergreen home, take the 10-mile drive to Conifer and check out the latest and best models.  You can talk to experienced staff that will help you narrow down your choices and decide on the very best stove style and fuel-source for your specific needs.

Visit us at 26731 Main St., or reach us by phone at (303) 838-3612.

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