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Service: Gas Fireplace Insert | Free-Standing Gas Stove

It is important to remember that the gas line coming into your home is under pressure so maintaining your gas heating appliances in good working order is essential for the safety of your home and family. With the increase in use of gas as a fuel source, homeowners switching to the convenience of a gas fireplace insert or free-standing gas stove has increased by eight percent. This is not surprising since gas fireplaces and stoves burn cleaner and are easy to use, more efficient and even easier to maintain.

Gas Heating Appliance Require Regular Service

Inglenook Energy recommends owners of gas fireplaces and free-standing heating stoves have an annual safety inspection. During the inspection our certified service technicians will provide a comprehensive inspection of your gas fireplace or stove. We also provide professional cleaning and repairs.

Our comprehensive safety inspection of has heating appliances includes:

  • Your gas fireplace, freestanding stove, chimney and vents will be inspected for any signs of damage, water leaks and blockages.
  • We will also inspect the gas logs and glass door for any damages including scratches. Since scratched or chipped glass loses strength quickly, it’s not advisable to use the appliance until the part is replaced.
  • The technician will inspect the pilot light and check the connectors, valves and hoses for any signs of a gas leak.
  • We will also check your indoor air quality to make sure there are no carbon dioxide gas leaking into your living space.

We recommend all homeowners with gas heating appliances install a carbon monoxide detector on each floor with a gas heater. The CO2 detector should be located near the ceiling or at least four feet above the floor.

Gas Fireplace, Stove & Fireplace Insert Cleaning

Our certified technicians perform professional cleaning services on all gas fireplace inserts and gas free standing stoves. This comprehensive service is recommended annually to maintain your gas heating appliances in peak operating condition.

Glass Doors or Frames – The service technician will remove the glass doors and frames for a thorough cleaning. The interior of the unit and vents will also be cleaned.

Firebox – We will clean out any debris, residue and dust inside the firebox and on the burners. While gas burns much cleaner than wood, a small amount of creosote and other gas residue can stain the heating appliance. It can become a fire hazard if not cleaned regularly.

Gas Logs – Our technicians will also clean your gas logs. Regular soot removal can prolong their lifespan. We recommend replacing gas logs that are damaged or have deteriorated past their usable life.

Fireplace and Stove Assembly – Now that all the parts are cleaned, our service technicians will re-assemble the gas insert and free-standing stove. The technician will perform a final test to ensure the appliance is working properly and safely. We will dispose of any debris and make sure the work area is left clean.

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Repairing Gas Fireplaces, Inserts or Stoves

Call Inglenook Energy whenever you need service or repair for your gas fireplace inserts and free-standing gas stoves. We provide service and repair for all makes and models. The technician will order and replace any necessary parts to maintain your heating appliance in excellent working condition.

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