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Gas Stoves / Wood Stoves / Pellet Stoves in Denver CO

denver co new wood stoves, gas stoves, and pellet stoves

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Gas Stoves

Check out our incredible collection of gas heating stoves

Gas stoves offer incredible convenience. Getting the fire and heat started is as simple as a thermostat adjustment or using a remote control. If you don’t think you would miss chopping, splitting, and hauling firewood, a gas stove may be the ideal option for your home. The contemporary styles you can choose from include rustic design and more modern design. Selections are available in cast iron, steel, and stone with a variety of realistic logs to choose from.

For anyone desiring a serious cost-cutting strategy, to lower heating bills in winter, gas stoves are perfect because of the ease of zone heating. A gas stove can be installed in just about any room of a home. To zone heat, simply turn off central heating and turn on the stove only in the room you’re in. Since the fire can be turned on and off so easily from one room to the next, zone heating with gas stoves makes sense for virtually anyone.

Wood Stoves

When you purchase a wood stove certified by the EPA, you can enjoy all the wonderful ambiance of burning logs while providing your home with a viable source of supplemental heat. Wood stoves can also be used for zone heating. There are numerous styles to choose from, with models that will complement any type of home décor.

Cutting costs can be easiest with a wood stove, depending on your source for wood. If you have your own property where you can harvest trees for firewood, the only fuel cost is in the equipment and labor you put into it.

Pellet Stoves

The most eco-friendly option for a heating alternative is a pellet stove. These innovative appliances have efficiency ratings in the 90s and have been classified as smokeless. The fuel used in pellet stoves is in the form of highly compressed pellets approximately 1 ½” in size. The pellets are made with biomass materials such as sawdust, tree bark, wood chips, and wood scraps, all of which would otherwise be thrown out.

Depending on the layout of your home and the pellet stove you purchase, it is possible to heat your entire home with a centrally located pellet stove. Hands-free heat can be provided for up to 36 hours, as pellets are steadily fed into the burn pot via a hopper. Pellet stoves require a small amount of electricity to operate. In order to be ready for blackouts, simply have a convenient back-up power system on hand, to keep the warm fires burning.

Wood, Gas, and Pellet Stove Installation

Hooking up a gas stove at a customer's home in Denver

In addition to a beautiful selection of stoves, Inglenook provides professional installation services that will ensure that you get the most out of your new heating appliance. The quality of installation affects safety, performance, and efficiency, which is why we are proud to have a team of experts who are skilled at wood, gas, and pellet stove installation. Contact Inglenook Energy Center today by calling (720) 774-6227 or by visiting us at our destination showroom located at 26731 Main Street in Conifer CO.


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Inglenook Energy has the showroom many Denver CO residents love to visit, when shopping for efficient fireplaces, inserts, gas stoves, wood stoves, and pellet stoves. Conifer is just a short drive “Up the Hill” from Denver, where you can find over 40 models of burning displays.


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