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Heat & Glo Products in Conifer COHeat & Glo Products in Conifer CO

Heat & Glo® is a leader in innovative heating technology. Creators of the first direct vent gas fireplace, they transformed the hearth industry and continue to pave the way for new heating technology. For comfort, elegance and efficiency, look no further than Heat & Glo’s wide selection of gas, wood, and electric fireplaces, stoves and inserts.

Ron and Dan Shimek began Heat & Glo in their garage in 1975. In 12 years, they completely changed the heating industry with the invention of Direct Vent Gas Technology. This patented technology allows a fireplace to be installed in virtually any room without the need for a chimney. Gas fireplaces have become the standard for new homes because of this innovation.

The team at Heat & Glo continue to relentlessly pursue improvements for heating technology and design. They have developed many more patented technologies for fireplaces, fireplace inserts and stoves securing their place as the innovation leader.

Heat & Glo is also known for producing the most realistic, efficient and unique gas fireplaces, inserts and stoves. The attention to detail in their gas models is what makes them standout. Every gas appliance creates an ambiance that closely mirrors a wood burning fire.

Even as Heat & Glo has grown to become the world’s largest fireplace manufacturer, they have remained committed to innovation and design.


A fireplace is more than a heating appliance, it is the focal point of a room. That is why the design matters as much as the function. Heat & Glo understand this. It offers a large selection of gas, wood and electric fireplaces in many different my styles and sizes. You are sure to find the right fireplace for your home no matter what fuel or style you prefer.

Heat & Glo Products in Conifer COGas Fireplace Inserts

If you wish that your fireplace produced more heat and less drafts, a gas fireplace insert is just what you need. A Heat & Glo insert will transform your existing traditional masonry fireplace into an efficient heat source. With the right fireplace insert you can completely transform the look of your fireplace as well or give it a modest update.

Gas Stoves

Radiating heat on all sides, gas stoves offer the highest efficiency and heat output compared to other heating appliances. Heat & Glo gas stoves range from traditional to contemporary styles so that you can find the right one to compliment your décor while it heats up your home.

Outdoor Fireplaces

You can add value to your home and transform your backyard into a relaxing outdoor living space with a gas or wood outdoor fireplaces. Functional and attractive, an outdoor fireplace is perfect for intimate evenings outside or large parties. Once it is installed, you will wonder what you did without it.

For the largest selection of high performance, convenient hearth and home products look to Heat & Glo.

Don’t worry about the installation! We will set it up for you.

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