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Fireplaces: Wood / Gas / Electric | Denver CO Fireplace Store

denver co new wood fireplaces, gas fireplaces, and electric fireplaces

Less Than a Half Hour Drive from Downtown
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You will have all of the assistance you need, when you purchase a wood, gas, or electric fireplace from our experts. The contractors we partner with have years of experience, and they are able to prevent many of the common fireplace problems that can occur. Professional installers will help assure the critical issues of safety, optimal performance, and trouble-free operation.

Wood Fireplaces Denver, CO

Gorgeous Fireplace - Denver CO Hearth StoreWhen it comes to ambiance, fireplaces fueled by firewood are unsurpassed. Only wood burning fireplaces have the most sought-after aroma, sights, sounds, and authenticity. In cold wintry weather, the aromatic scents, smoldering logs, mesmerizing flames, and warmth provided by a wood fireplace are pure delight. You will find a wide selection of wood fireplaces in our unique showroom, including high-efficiency zero-clearance fireplaces and styles to match virtually any décor. Are you ready to upgrade a unit that is inefficient and outdated, or do you want to add a new fireplace to one of the rooms in your home? We have numerous customizable options and enough styles that one is sure to be the ideal complement to the design of your interior.

Gas Fireplaces Denver, CO

Gas Fireplaces - Denver CO Hearth StoreGas fireplaces have unbeatable features that make them the top choice for busy Colorado homeowners in Greater Denver. For many, the hassles involved with chopping, hauling, storing, and lighting firewood lose out over the convenience of gas. Instant heat from a stylish gas fireplace is just one of many benefits. You can choose from an impressive range of styles. Gas fireplaces are highly versatile. Because of flexible venting options, a gas fireplace can be installed in just about any space in your home. Choose from gas logs, fireglass, and river rock as the base for the flames. There are other customizable options, as well, including thermostat control, adjustable flame height and heat output, and high-power blowers. When you visit our showroom, you can see these beauties first-hand.

Electric Fireplaces Denver, CO

Best Selection of Electric Fireplaces in Denver ColoradoElectric fireplaces are effortless and beautiful. Is there a space in your home that’s perfect for providing instant warmth and ambiance? Electric fireplaces need no other power source but electricity. No venting of any kind is needed. Many Denver area residents say yes to electric fireplaces because there is no maintenance, no mess, and no hassle involved. You can choose from a variety of models at our showroom, a majority of which can be enjoyed with or without the heating element activated. Electric fireplaces are portable, allowing you to easily move them from one room to another. Electric fireplace inserts are also available, and they can be installed in an existing fireplace opening. The cost to operate an electric fireplace is just pennies per day.

Does a wood, gas, or electric fireplace appeal most to you? In our state-of-the-art showroom, you can see how each type of appliance looks in operation. Come by and stay awhile, whether you are from the Front Range Region, Lakewood, Centennial, Littleton, or Denver. Our friendly experts will provide all the help and information you may need to make the perfect choice of wood, gas, or electric fireplace for your home.


Wood fireplaces and installations in Denver CO

If you are ready to add an additional heat supply to your home that will upgrade its value, there are many beautiful models of wood, gas, and electric fireplaces that you can choose from at our huge showroom. The Inglenook Energy Center at 26731 Main Street in Conifer, CO, is a destination shop for folks throughout the region. Join the many visitors from Denver CO, Littleton, Centennial, Lakewood, and the Front Range Region and check out for yourself the wide variety of fireplace styles.


Inglenook Energy Corporate Office / 1001 Bannock St. Suite 473, Denver, CO 80204 • Showroom Located in Conifer CO

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