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Wood Stoves / Pellet Stoves / Gas Stoves in Denver CO

denver co new wood stoves, gas stoves, and pellet stoves

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denver co wood stove installation


Stove Installation Denver, CO

A modern EPA-certified stove is efficient and makes for a great investment, whether the fuel type you choose is firewood, gas, or pellets. To ensure safety and efficient operation, professional installation is important. We work with dedicated contractors who will coordinate installation of your new pellet, wood, or gas stove.


Pellet Stoves Denver, CO

Pellet Stove - Installations Denver COAnyone seeking an eco-friendly heating alternative should definitely take a close look at pellet stoves. The fuel used for these innovative stoves are made with wood products that would otherwise be tossed out with the garbage. Highly compacted pellets about 1 ½ inches in size are made with such materials as sawdust, wood scraps, tree bark, and wood chips.

The pellets have low moisture content, which is a large part of why they burn so efficiently. Pellets are much more convenient that chopping, hauling, and stacking logs. Bags of pellets can be neatly stacked, taking up very little space. A small amount of electricity is required to operate a pellet stove. Back-up power systems can work well, to keep fires burning even when the power goes out.

Your entire home can be heated with a pellet stove. Another convenience is that there is no need to tend the fires. Hoppers steadily feed the fire, whether using gravity or an auger system. Simply pour in more pellets, as needed. The intensity of the heat provided is largely determined by the speed at which the stove is set to feed the fire with more pellets.


The Best Wood Stoves in Denver ColoradoWood Stoves Denver, CO

The charm of wood stoves is no secret but modern efficiency may be. Today’s EPA-certified wood stoves are beautiful as well as efficient. They are available with glass doors, which allows you to enjoy watching the flickering flames as you enjoy the radiant heat.

Wood stoves can be used for zone heating, to heat your entire home, or to keep your favorite room in the house toasty in winter.



Gas Stoves Denver, CO

Denver area store for free standing Gas Heating StoveEase-of-use is the biggest selling point for gas stoves. Many homeowners in the Denver area are happy to forego dealing with logs. Instead, they enjoy getting fires started by remote control or a simple adjustment on the thermostat. There are many contemporary styles to choose from, including rustic, steel models, and stone. Zone heating is especially convenient with gas stoves.

There has never been a better time to cut utility costs by adding a supplemental heat source to your home, if you live in Denver CO, Littleton, Centennial, Lakewood, the Front Range Region, or anywhere else in the surrounding area. Contact us at Inglenook Energy Center today. We hope you’ll stop by our famous showroom, which allows you to see numerous stoves in operation. You can see gas stoves, wood stoves, and pellet stoves first-hand before choosing which model to buy for your Colorado home.

Local residents in Denver Colorado, the Front Range Region, Littleton, Centennial, Lakewood, and throughout the surrounding area can find the best selection of pellet stoves, wood stoves, and gas stoves at Inglenook Energy Center.

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