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Ken Caryl CO Stoves, Fireplaces, Gas Logs, Inserts, BBQs, and Grills

ken caryl co bbq grills and wood fireplaces installs

Englewood CO fireplace installations

Many homeowners in Ken Caryl CO are aware of the massive Inglenook Energy Showroom in Conifer, where quality gas logs, fireplaces, stoves, inserts, grills, and BBQs from leading manufacturers are on display.

We are glad to provide superior customer service to homeowners from Ken Caryl CO and everyone who stops by our massive hearth store showroom in Conifer. Ken Caryl is a census-designated area in Jefferson County, Colorado, with a colorful history, much of which took place during the days of the wild west. Most notable nowadays are those prominent geologic features that can be viewed there, and the numerous trails that you can walk on in and near Ken Caryl. Our team of experts is always glad to help you choose a BBQ, grill, or hearth appliance such as a Wood or Gas Prefab Fireplace, Gas Logs, Fireplace Insert, or Freestanding Stove.

Visit Our Fireplace & Stove Showroom

Ken Caryl CO residents are warmly invited to make the 20-mile drive to the Inglenook Energy showroom in Conifer. Every day, at least 40 models of hearth appliances are burning, to give visitors an idea of what they look like when in use. It often makes it easier for homeowners to make a selection. Our enormous showroom spans 3,000 square feet and five rooms. BBQs and grills are on display, in addition to stoves, fireplaces, and gas logs. You can ask our highly trained staff any questions you may have. We are happy to help customers make the most fitting selection for their needs.

Ken Caryl CO fireolace & stove showroom

Wood & Gas Fireplaces Ken Caryl CO

If your home doesn’t have a fireplace-chimney configuration, no problem. You can have a prefab wood or gas fireplace installed in your Ken Caryl CO home. If you have zero-clearance fireplace, also known as ZC fireplace, installed in various rooms of your home, you can zone heat. This means that you turn off central heating and heat only the room you are in. Because they be installed next to combustible materials, you can have a zero-clearance fireplace installed in virtually any room of your home.

Ken Caryl CO Wood Fireplaces

Wood, Pellet, Gas Fireplace Inserts

The truth is out about how remarkably inefficient traditional masonry fireplaces are. Fireplace inserts provide the perfect solution. All that is required for individuals who want to upgrade their fireplace is to have a professional help with ordering and installing a gas, wood, or pellet fireplace insert. This upgrade can increase fireplace efficiency by as much as 65%. You can choose the fuel type based on your lifestyle and level of interest in cutting heating costs.

Ken Caryl CO gas fireplace insert

Gas, Pellet, Wood Stoves Ken Caryl CO

A lot has been happening since the long-ago days of the old-fashioned pot-bellied stove. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has imposed ever-tightening restrictions on the manufacturers of hearth products. As a result, any EPA-approved wood or gas stove you purchase is highly efficient and able to add a significant amount of heat to your home in winter. Pellet stoves aren’t even regulated by the EPA because they are considered smokeless appliances. Pellet stoves can operate hands-free for up to 36 hours.

free standing stove - Ken Caryl CO

Grills & BBQ’s

Among the many top-of-the-line products that we carry at Inglenook Energy for Ken Caryl CO residents and so many more are barbecues and grills. We know that our customers will do well, no matter which of our products they choose. The Big Green Egg has a reputation as being the most versatile outdoor cooking appliance in the world. It could very well meet the grilling needs of every Ken Caryl CO resident, since it can be used as an oven, smoker, and grill. It is also available in seven different sizes.

Grills - Pellet & Gas - Ken Caryl CO