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Pellet Service: Pellet Fireplace Insert | Free-Standing Pellet Stove

With their ease of operation and convenience and a desire for a smaller carbon footprint, millions of homeowners are heating their homes with eco-friendly free-standing pellet stoves and pellet fireplace inserts. Its superb heating efficiency keeps homes warm and toasty even in our cold climate. However, proper care and maintenance is essential to continue enjoying maximum benefits and safety from these alternative heating appliances.

Pellet Fireplace Insert

Harmon Accentra 52i-TC - Pellet Insert

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Inglenook Energy provides maintenance services and break-fix repair for pellet fireplace inserts and stoves throughout Metro Denver and the surrounding Front Range Mountain areas. Our factory trained service technicians will ensure your heating appliance working as efficiently as possible without posing safety risks. When your pellet stove or insert begins collecting dust or when parts begin to fail due to normal wear and tear, it begins to lose its heating efficiency. You will need to supply more pellet fuel to enjoy the same level of heat. In addition, minor issues can grow into more costlier repairs and even create a fire hazard. Our maintenance service is like giving your stoves and inserts a tune-up allowing them to operate safely at peak performance.

Caring for Your Pellet Insert or Free-Standing Stove

The first step in caring for your pellet stove and fireplace insert is using it properly. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions that are contained the owner’s manual that accompanied your unit. Never burn anything other than wood pellets as indicated in the manual. Otherwise you can severely damage the appliance or start a fire. If you have any questions about the proper use and care of your pellet heating appliance, our service technicians are happy to help.

Cleaning Pellet Appliances

Your pellet stove and insert should be professionally cleaned annually. Our service technicians will professionally clean your heating appliance giving it a like new appearance. We will empty and clean the hopper and remove the ash that is collecting at the burn pot. We will also remove soot on the interior walls of the stove and fireplace insert. This can improve the overall efficiency of your stove by as much as 50%. The more efficient your heating appliance, the less you spend on fuel.

Our service technicians will also clean the vent pipe to remove any soot and other blockages. The glass door will be cleaned. This will improve your indoor air quality and allow more efficient combustion in the firebox.

Free Standing Pellet Stove

Quadrafire Classic Bay 1200 - Pellet Stove

Pellet Stove Repair

All home heating appliances are bound to need repair at some point in their life due to normal wear and tear. If you notice any abnormal sounds, more pollution or you are wasting fuel, it’s time for a service call. Also, the flame should be white or bright yellow in color. If you notice any other flame color, like black, for instance, your unit needs to be inspected by a trained service technician as soon as possible.

To maximize your heating efficiency, ensure safety and increase its lifespan, pellet insert and free-standing pellet stove maintenance is a must. Also, professional inspection and cleaning are recommended annually to ready your appliance for the next heating season.

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