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Thelin Hearth Products

Thelin Hearth Providence Pellet Insert in Denver COThelin Hearth Products wood stoves and gas fireplace inserts in Denver CO

We’re proud to introduce a new premier line of fireplace inserts and stoves from Thelin Hearth Products of Nevada.  Let’s take a quick look at a few of these amazing models, then the next time you’re near the Inglenook Energy showroom in Conifer, CO., you can stop by and see some of them in person.

Providence Pellet Insert

There’s no better way transform an underperforming existing fireplace than with a high-quality fireplace insert like the Providence model from Thelin.  Combining proprietary DC Drive Technology and award-winning design, this appliance will bring you high heat with clean, efficient operation.

The Providence insert is versatile: in addition to placing it inside a traditional masonry firebox, you can install it in a wall as a complete fireplace.  Pellets, which usually are produced from agricultural waste, are fed at a selected rate into your insert through a hopper.  Designed to enhance the décor of any room, the Providence Pellet Insert comes with some great features including:

  • Easy cleaning with dual vacuum ports
  • Innovative air wash system
  • Luxurious mirrored glass
  • Reliable battery backup power
  • Quick-disconnect flue
  • Leveling rollers and screws
  • Electronic auto-ignition
  • Durable cast iron burn pot

Gas, wood and pellet free-standing stoves

People love free-standing heating stoves for their beauty, great burn efficiency and placement options.  Larger stoves are ideal for big rooms, while smaller models make perfect zone-heating accents in bedrooms, kitchens and even bathrooms.

Parlour Wood Stove:

A truly remarkable wood heating appliance, the Parlour T-4000 combines the historic pot-belly design with modern cosmetic touches.  The unit burns with exceptional efficiency, going above all emissions standards set forth by the EPA.  It’s a big, sturdy stove you can count on when the temperature outside drops.

Thelin Echo Gas Stove in Denver COEcho DV Gas Stove:

Available in four unique colors, the Echo DV gas stove sports a classic New England-style design that’s squared off and built to last.  With its ceramic burner and realistic-looking split logs, the Echo DV will be an amazing aesthetic compliment to your home.  It’s a modern and convenient centerpiece everyone will be talking about.

Gnome Pellet Stove:

Ideal for smaller rooms and spaces, the efficient Gnome Pellet Stove has a traditional pot-belly design that offers low operating costs, battery backup, DC Drive Technology and extremely low emissions.  This is the best free-standing pellet stove available for easy zone heating in many of the smaller rooms throughout your home.

These are just a few of the innovative home-heating appliances from Thelin Hearth Products.  The company was founded by Jay Thelin and Terry Thompson in 1978 with a focus on modern design touches for traditional pot-belly stove styles.  Today, Thelin Hearth Products is recognized as one of the top heating appliance makers in the industry, offering a full line of contemporary and classic inserts and free-standing stoves.

You can learn more about Thelin products and see them for yourself at the Inglenook Energy Showroom located at 26731 Main St. in Conifer, CO.  Call (303) 838-3612 to talk to a fireplace and stove expert today.

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