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Vermont Castings Products in Conifer COVermont Castings Products in Conifer CO

Vermont Castings is known for their craftmanship of exquisite cast iron stoves and inserts. Combining timeless designs with cutting edge technology, Vermont Castings’ stoves are made to be the heart of your home.

In a spirit of defiance and American entrepreneurial ingenuity, Duncan Syme and Murray Howell teamed up to design the first Vermont Castings wood-burning stove in 1975. Their stove met the needs of homeowners across the USA who could not keep up with rising energy costs and earned a loyal following.

Vermont Castings has stayed true to their homegrown American roots. Every stove and insert is crafted by artisans and workers in the Green Mountain State who take pride in the craftsmanship of each individual model. The furniture-quality details in each stove and insert are not all that sets Vermont Castings apart from other heating appliance brands.

Flexburn Technology

Efficiency is as important as beauty. Vermont Castings’ FlexBurn are designed to achieve 15% higher efficiency. When the catalyst is in place, you will get the most out of every load of wood with the FlexBurn system and lower your stove’s emissions.

Top Load Technology

Possibly the most celebrated feature, the top loading technology allows you to safely and easily add fuel to the fire from the top. Vermont Castings’ top loading stoves release less smoke into the room when you load the fire, compared to front loading stoves, and have a greater load capacity. The top load door can also double as a griddle for cooking.

Thermostatically Controlled Combustion

Vermont Castings has solved the problem of fluctuating heat outputs with the thermostatically controlled combustion system. This built-in thermostat does not need electricity and automatically adjusts airflow to keep the heat output at the level you want. Your Vermont Castings stove will produce even heat for much longer than other stoves.

Total Signature Command

The Total Signature Command provides you with ultimate control of your stove. This intuitive technology is available on the Radiance and Stardance gas stoves.

Wood Stoves

If you refuse to compromise beauty for utility, a Vermont Castings wood-burning stove is made for you. The wood stoves are available in different finishes and sizes to appeal to your unique style and meet your heating needs.

Vermont Castings Products in Conifer COGas Stoves

Vermont Castings gas stoves are as thoughtfully designed as the wood stoves with direct vent options to fit in any space. The timeless look and additional options, like Total Signature Command, make gas stoves ideal for a busy modern life.

Wood Inserts

Upgrade the look and performance of your fireplace with a Vermont Castings fireplace insert. The fireplace insert offers convenient features, high heat output and a classically beautiful design that will make your fireplace a magnificent centerpiece.

Worried about installation? Leave it to us! We will arrange professional installation for you.

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