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Service: Wood-Burning Fireplace Insert | Free-Standing Wood Stove

Annually inspecting and cleaning your wood-burning fireplace inserts and free-standing wood cleaning are vital for two main reasons: safety and efficiency. Installing a wood burning stove on its own or an insert to your current fireplace is an excellent way to heat your home and reduce your energy bills. However, your energy efficiency will depend on the proper usage and maintenance of these heating appliances.

Although wood burning stoves and inserts are highly efficient as compared to traditional fireplaces, cleaning increases their efficiency and ensures they operate at peak performance. Also, cleaning your insert or wood stove is not just about efficiency; it's about safety too.

Wood Fireplace insert service

Quadrafire Pioneer II - Wood Fireplace

Wood Burning Stove & Fireplace Service & Repair

When wood burns, it leaves behind creosote, soot and ash. As you continue to heat your home, these contaminants continue to build up and eventually hinder efficient burning. They can also become a fire hazard.

When it comes to safety, cleaning and maintenance of your inserts and wood stoves is something that you shouldn't overlook. One of the biggest causes of home fires is creosote. Creosote is a tar-like product that is naturally created during the combustion process. It combines with moisture, ash, and soot to form dark stains inside the stove and insert and in your flue. Creosote buildups are highly flammable and may occasionally ignite into a chimney fire. Creosote causes most of the fire-related home damages in the U.S. and thus, it's critical to have your wood-burning appliances inspected, cleaned and serviced regularly by trained professionals.

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Inglenook Energy delivers top-notch wood burning fireplace insert or free-standing wood stove service and repair throughout Greater Denver and the Front Range. Our service technicians will thoroughly inspect and clean your wood-burning inserts and stoves and the flue eliminating harmful by-products that will not only significantly improve your energy efficiency, but safety as well. Our technicians will also inspect for any damages such as cracks, holes or rust. We will also repair or replace any defective or worn-out parts to ensure your heating appliance will continue to provide safe and reliable heat for your living space.

Do’s and Don’ts for Inserts and Wood Stoves

Free-Standing Wood Burning Stove service

Quadrafire Explorer III - Wood Stove

To ensure that you burn efficiently and safely, keep these do’s and don’ts in mind:

  • Don't burn other fuels such as coal or artificial logs in a wood burning unit. Even though there are multifuel stoves and inserts designed to burn a variety of fuels, wood burning units are designed specifically to burn wood.
  • Don’t allow an untrained individual to service your wood burning insert or free-standing stove.
  • Do burn seasoned wood. Burning unseasoned wood may lead to less heat, smoke and excessive creosote buildup.
  • Do schedule annual cleaning and maintenance of your chimney, vents and wood-burning heating appliances. This will ensure that your unit operates safely with maximum efficiency.
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